Drinking And Screaming - A Horror Movie Review Podcast

S1E22 - S1E22: The Strangers (2008)

Featured Cocktail: After-Wedding Crashers

a year ago

On today’s episode of Drinking And Screaming, we dive into Char’s favourite horror film: The Strangers! Kelly makes an awful mango drink with hair particles, and conversations revolve around society’s pressure on women, Liv Tyler’s awful acting, and what truly scares us.

Hosts: Charlene Bayer & Kelly Wright

Producer: Charlene Bayer

Editor: Kelly Wright

Logo Design: Kelly Wright

Featured Film: The Strangers (2008)

Featured Cocktail: After-Wedding Crashers

Featured Products: Mad Lab Distilling’s Premium Vodka, Odd Society’s Creme de Cassis

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Drinking And Screaming - A Horror Movie Review Podcast